What Is An HVAC Nerd?



Service professional that inspects, repair, replaces and maintains various types of heating and air conditioning systems have the following characteristics:

1. Highly educated. Obtains certifications and degrees from the following entities:
National Comfort Institute (NCI)
North American Trade Excellence (NATE)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
HVAC/R Associated Degree from local colleges
Building Performance Institute (BPI)
SBE Trusted Advisor (TA)
National Air Balance Council (NABC)
Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries (IHACI)
2. Dedicated to saving you money by:

Fixing your heating and air conditioning system the RIGHT way

Performing tune ups to get your system running at it’s best

Recommending repairs to help your system run more efficiently

Replacing worn out systems with RIGHT sized, highly efficient systems

Being extremely detail oriented when replacing your ducting

3.May include:
Spending personal time keeping up with the latest HVAC tools
Explaining with extreme detail what is wrong with your system
Focus on cleanliness and efficiency
Listening to HVAC training books in the van
Crawling into ridiculously tight spaces to make sure your system is installed air tight!

Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms: HVAC Geek, HVAC Tech Nerd, Nerdy Heating and Air Guy, Nerdy Technician

Antonyms: Other service technician, Average Heating & Air guy

Examples see below:
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Michael, HVAC Nerd

Our HVAC Nerd, Michael, has completed his NATE Certification, NCI Certification, EPA Certification, and has received his HVAC/R Associates Degree from Riverside Community College. Michael continues training with daily coaching and yearly training retreats with professional HVAC coaching gurus.


Sean, the OG HVAC Nerd

Sean began his HVAC training over 20 years ago, in the US Army. Since then, he has received his A.S., several certifications through NATE, as well as NCI. Sean was also EPA, BPI and NABC Certified. He continues to attend additional training in HVAC, business, sales and leadership on an ongoing basis.