Why Should Green Comfort Install My New Air Conditioning

We listen to your problems, then work together to find the solution 
We know you have a budget, and you have certain things about your home comfort system that really bother you! It’s our goal to solve your indoor air problems. And we hope to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient along the way. We install heaters and air conditioners correctly to solve common indoor air problems in the Corona and Riverside areas of the Southern California
We don’t slam in a 5 tom unit- we RIGHT size your air conditioning unit 
Bigger is not better when it comes to installing an A/C unit…even if it seems your current unit struggles to keep your home comfortable. We calculate how much heating and cooling your home needs by measuring your house’s square footage, window coverage, factoring in patio covers, large trees, and daily sun exposure-then use software to tell us what size unit your home needs. There is a science to home comfort! Call us to install air conditioners and heaters correctly.
Our goal is energy efficiency, our results verify it 
Did you know that more than 6% of California homes lose over 35% of their cooling in the attic from leaky ductwork? That means that you are paying to cool and heat your attic! We use California Industry standard HERS ratings to verify that our installed systems leak less than 3%. It’s been our standard since day 1. We serve the Corona, CA and Riverside, CA areas.
We enjoy making challenging homes more comfortable 
Have a home that was custom built decades ago? Asbestos? Unique floor plan? Small attic? No problem! We’ve worked on all sorts of homes and we are able to design your ducting and system to make your home more comfortable an energy efficient.
Dusty house? Uneven cooling and heating through the house? We fix that. 
How is a dusty house related to air conditioning? Well, the majority of that dust comes from your attic-its brought into your house by your leaky duct work when you run your air conditioner. Then, when air isn’t mixed properly from an improperly sized duct system, it settles more quickly and doesn’t get brought to the air filter on your home. This also causes rooms to be too hot and too cold! We went to school AND earn our certificates to confidently be able to say- WE FIX THAT!

We keep your house clean

We encourage all of our HVAC Nerds to treat your house like they would their Grandmother’s house! It’s written right into our Green Comfort Install Standards.

How much will my new heating & cooling system cost?

Your home is unique, you are unique, your budget is unique.
We have systems that range from $4,300 all the way up to $19,800, not including any duct work or additional work that your home may need to be the most comfortable.

YES! We offer financing! And the HERO Program!

Call us at (951) 581-5869 today to schedule your FREE estimate for your new home comfort system-or you can…