Why Is My A/C Not Working? Fix My Air Conditioner!

Why is my A/C not working? Fix my Air Conditioner!

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Before calling out our HVAC Nerd, check these things out:

  • Your outdoor unit might be clogged by dirt, pet hair, or other debris like this one; Maintaining your system twice yearly can prevent this! You can try rinsing your unit off with water only, but if it looks like this, call our professionals to clean it. We service the Corona and Riverside areas of Southern California.
  • Your filter may be dirty and clogged. A dirty filter is one that you cannot see through. When it’s clogged, it makes it too hard for your system to move air around your home. This can also cause the system to work so hard, it shuts off. Try changing your air filter before calling out our HVAC Nerd to fix your A/C.
  • Your thermostat might have low batteries, or be broken! A broken thermostat won‘t tell your air conditioner to work properly. Make sure it has fresh batteries. You can also try to install a thermostat yourself- you can find them at any home construction store. To complicated? Want a Nest thermostat? Call us to do that for you!
  • The breaker may have popped. Go outside to your main electrical panel, check to make sure all of the switches are facing the same direction and that they are fully switched on. You can even try switching the one labeled “A/C” off and on again. Now, go and see if your A/C is working. If its still not working, or this happens a lot, call one of our HVAC Nerds out to fix your air conditioner.